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Finally bit the bullet and went with some Solar supplemental power this past summer.

A bit of an impulse buy, actually, bumped into some friends early in July and noticed his 'new to him' panel. Thin, flexible, and at 42x22" for 100 watts seemed reasonably compact. GoPower's Solarflex (from a local outfit Carmanah) Solar Flex Kits and Modules (Flat, bendable solar) | GPElectric

I bought their 100 W 'kit' complete with panel, a 30A capable controller (overkill) and enough quality 10ga wire to complete the install. I had a good source and got a 'deal', I saw the same package at a Victoria marine outlet for $650.

We put it onto our dodger roof under way, but left it removable to optimize the orientation when we were stopped. We often attained the advertised 5.7A output when in midday sun and well aligned.

We were able to keep ahead of the fridge on sunny days, reducing our daily drawdown by over 50% - and as a result never had to spend a night on a dock plugged in. The other half of the equation is our ability, now, to charge effectively under power with Maine Sails' custom alternator and smart regulator, both of which have also performed flawlessly since installation.

Ice cubes all summer!! Pure magic.
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