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surveyor recomendation for North Carolina

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Going to try to buy a boat in this area and does anybody have a surveyor that they are happy with?
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I can recommend Rob Eberle, New Bern, N.C..
PSC 31
B&B Yacht Designs did mine last fall. I believe they did a very good job at a very reasonable price.

Bert Quay also has a good reputation. He would probably be available for the New Bern, Oriental, Washington, and Morehead City-Beaufort area.

What area of NC are you looking at boats in?
In the Oriental area. Thanks for the information.j.
I'll second the recommendation of Rob Eberle.
In the Oriental area. Thanks for the information.j.
Any of these 3 could do a survey in Oriental. Good luck.
Jon Roop in Beufort.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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