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Suzuki 2.5 security to dink

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Hi All,

For those of you that have a Suzuki 2.5... It's got these really small holes under the mounting bolts that are for securing it to whatever. What do you use to lock your motor to your dink?

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Thanks Guys,

We walked through our marina yesterday just to look. Saw many small outboards on the stern rails, most not even locked. A few dinks in the marina with motors on them, no locks. And you're correct... an honest person just looks at it and they're maybe thinking how nice it is or just glaze right over it. A big bicycle type cable lock through the handle and the transom ring and to the dock sounds good to me.
David, not to hijack your I'll start with we don't lock ours between here and Maine...

But here's my question, do you get kickback when you pull the starter cord? I like the motor except for this issue.
Yes they do... about 40% of the time. The trick to not getting bit is pull that sucker like you're trying to pull the starter cord out and you'll be OK (don't do a 1' baby pull). I used to be a Suzuki Tech at a dealership and this was a regular complaint. :eek:
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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