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Suzuki 2.5 security to dink

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Hi All,

For those of you that have a Suzuki 2.5... It's got these really small holes under the mounting bolts that are for securing it to whatever. What do you use to lock your motor to your dink?

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Yes they do... about 40% of the time. The trick to not getting bit is pull that sucker like you're trying to pull the starter cord out and you'll be OK (don't do a 1' baby pull). I used to be a Suzuki Tech at a dealership and this was a regular complaint. :eek:
I've found that an easy pull is all it takes to get mine to fire and I've never had it kickback. Good little engine.

Don't know if would work, but have a outboard lock on the 4 hp on my 21 ft clipper. It is a fulton I think, goes over the clamp part and locks with a round type key. Helped with my piece of mind when leaving boat at the lake.

good luck

The clamp handles on the little zuki are very small and I think they'll slip right through the slot of a standard outboard locking bar. They look like small C clamp handles, consisting of a thin steel rod (~1/8") running through a hole in the screw and swaged on each end to keep it captive.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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