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The Swan 41 companionway is close enough to the cockpit that you have, in effect, a wide bridge deck and so you could put on a dodger. As well as the Swan 43, we looked at a Hylas (42?) aft cockpit boat and both had about six feet between the cockpit and the companionway. One of them had a mini cockpit at the companionway (Hylas). If you were in the real cockpit where one assumes you would have a dodger you would have to go onto the side deck around the dodger and then walk or crawl to the companionway which would have a pram hood over it. Not appealing at watch change at 0300 when its blowing like snot. Also makes it pretty hard if you were on watch and wanted a snack or a pee. It was a deal breaker for us. What makes a boat good for full crew racing for a day or four is not the same as what you want for a 20 day passage with a couple.
Ahh, yes... the beloved 'Widowmaker Bridgedeck'.... Closest I've ever come to going over the side, occurred while working one of those winches on this very Trintella at a deep angle of heel...

Classic example of a result of a boat designed from the inside-out, and a deck and cockpit arranged to accommodate the interior... I've always rated the ergonomics of the companionway to be one of the most important design features on any boat, it's simply astonishing how bad some of them can be...

As far as the ladder goes, this abortion on the Hunter 45 "Passage" gets my vote as the all-time worst... Pretty sure they came up with something better after building the first dozen boats or so, it finally occurred to somebody how insanely dangerous it might be in the event someone actually wound up going offshore... Hell, if their legal department had been paying attention, they should have made people sign a waiver before even boarding the freakin' things at a Boat Show... :)

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