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I am new to Sailnet and have never posted before... is there anyone out there who owns a Swiftsure 33 please? We have owned one for 30 years. She has been used in the UK and the Med and served faithfully as a family yacht. The kids have now grown up, the mechanics have all been replaced or re-conditioned. She now needs a new mast. We keep her in S.France and we are trying to put some stats together for the mast manufacturers whilst we are having an enforced stay away from her. Is there anyone out there please who could provide such measurements as sole floor to saloon roof below mast stepping?

We know this is a long shot...either way it would be fantastic to touch base with fellow owners!

Kind regards
Keith and Liz Skingley. (UK and France Based).

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You can find the sail plan for one version of the Swiftsure here: SWIFTSURE 33 (RHODES) sailboat specifications and details on

You would need to enlarge to a useful and accurate scale. But I am not sure how helpful that will be since there were at least two different deck mold designs, two different interior layouts, and there was a tall and a short rig version of the Swiftsure. Ideally you can get enough of a rough approximation from the drawings, to get pricing from a spar maker. Ideally once you select a spar maker, that spar maker can take accurate measurements of your sails and the old mast directly from the originals and use them to validate the drawing relative to your actual boat.

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