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Just acquired a 1974 Macgregor Venture 21 about 2 weeks ago.
Knew going in the craft needs a good bit of work, particularly below the waterline.
Figured working my way through the issues will help me get to know the boat, its good and less good points and parts.
Am figuring out what needs doing and am now seeking some brains to pick with some specific questions.
A manual online answers a lot but also raises two questions I can't answer yet -- hoping for some help here.

Question Set 1: Diagram of the swing keel system shows a keel lock-down bolt and lock-down bolt holes but have been
unable to locate any of the lock-down components/locations.
I've stripped quit a bit of stuff out of the way and explored with a flashlight and video inspection scope -- No Joy.
Is it possible that in the 42 year life of the boat that someone might have covered over the lock-down holes
having decided they just didn't want to lock the keel down? OR were some boats built without a lock-down provision?
I plan to remove the entire keel system for reconditioning and am wanting to know as much as I can before I get started.
Any help will be appreciated. If anybody has a Mac V21 anywhere near the central Delaware area would appreciate a chance
to have a look and maybe get some ideas.

Question Set 2: Manual mentions foam blocks installed for flotation in the interior of the boat and
cautions against removal of the blocks "under any circumstances".
I cannot find any foam blocks installed in the boat -- I HAVE found several small
loose chunks of what I think is polystyrene foam less than an inch in size in various nooks and crannies.
Could this be remnants of original manufacturer installed flotation blocks? (or just leftovers of some cheapie coolers)
Can anyone tell me where the foam flotation blocks can/should be positioned and what volume of foam is used and where?
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