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Great experience with Tack Tick

I've had TackTick (104) installed on our boat for a year now and I'm very pleased.

The only issues I have had so far have been loss of data on a rare occasion, usually the wind unit. It can be a little annoying but a quick reboot usually solves the issue.

Although I have not used it for a extended voyage, I did have them On 24/7 for about two weeks last summer and they never went below 50% charge, including using the back-light, two days were overcast.

The installation was so easy it was comical, easier than hooking up my surround sound theater at home and the power draw is virtually nothing. Took all of about an hour, not including rebedding the new thru hulls.

The system provides a lot of information when compared to other systems I looked at. The system comes with two mounting brackets for each head unit (speed/depth, wind, remote), therefore I am able to easily move them from the pedestal mounts to bulkhead mounts, even have a remote mount at the nav station. IMO the remote is the coolest part of the system, I can get all the data on one cool little unit that I can take anywhere on the boat. I often take the remote with me to bed so I can monitor wind speed all from the comfort of my bunk ;) The wind unit has a Close Hauled function that I use often. When the GPS in connected to the system the amount of info you can get through the network is pretty darn cool.

I spent about $1700.00 on the T104 Sailing package from during their Spring Sale in 2009. TT was throwing in the remote ($800) with purchases made at the time. Considering what a wired unit would have cost to install, the time involved, etc...I actually feel that Tack Tack is a good buy...and everyone knows the first problems you start to have with instruments are usually the wire connections ;)
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