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TackTick T033 "35' " comment

I am thinking of installing the T033 system and spoke with a TackTick rep in the US called Don at 203 453 3090 and asked about the significance of the " boats up to 35' " statement re the T033. Don said it has nothing to do with range, since both systems use the same T120 mast head transmitter. He says that it has more to do with the fact that larger boats tend to have more sophisticated electronics that can provide data to, and take advantage of, the additional information that can be shown on the T112 display of the T101 System. He also said that the T112 display on the T101 system was wireless and had larger characters and could therefore be located farther away from the helm. Don did confirm that the T033 would work fine on any size boat, keeping in mind it required a hard wired 12 volt supply and the display info is pretty basic.
That being said, I still think it is a confusing and misleading statement to make.

Regards to all.
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