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Tacktick Review

I would not recommend Tacktick devices. They are too costly, there is terrible technical support and they have interference problems from other devices.

Put in the hull transmitter a year ago. Had bad interference, could not get the display to work unless it was within 12" of the hull transmitter. Tried reaching USA technical support with email and phone. No success for 2 weeks. Finally remembered I had Skype and called England. A support engineer was able to change the frequency of my display to get it working.

Recently spent nearly $2000 for the Tacktick wind display. $1200 for the initial unit, then over $700 for a replacement analog display. Must remember these are very delicate "GLASS" units and will shatter if you drop them. So far it has been a complete waste of money. Wind analog will not sync up no matter what steps are taken. Original display will work to masthead unit out to 150 feet down the dock but will not communicate 40 feet to the top of the mast. Unable to reach technical support. On hold for hours without success.

Heading out from Balboa to Marquesas in a week. I doubt the wind display will ever work. I have been without a electrical masthead wind indicator for over 12 years. Looks like I will continue to sail without one. One very expensive lesson.

Capt Pete
S/V FrenchKiss
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