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Congratulation Rich, sounds like you are hooked.

Obviously there are lots of opinions on how and when to take these courses. There are also lots of people that think they are a waste of time. Opinions are just that, and you found that this format worked for you. Great!

I took ASA 101/103 many years ago in a four day live aboard format. Loved it, and happy that they were combined. I had experience with boats, but mostly power. Had not sailed anything but a Sunfish in many years before the class.

I also believe that most people taking the time and dollars to take ASA classes are thinking about bigger boats for the family and want the experience to see if it works for them. Sailing dingies is great fun, but sometimes not so much for wife and kids. Getting the feel of a bigger boat, and living on it for days, gives you an idea of how much you may like it down the road. If your plans are for a bigger boat, you don't miss much by not sailing into a dock, because you are probably never going to do it with a big boat.

Good luck with your future in sailing.
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