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In the marina (in a slip) when NOAA issues a severe weather alert (t''strom or tornado) do you stay aboard or seek shelter?

This happened last night at 3 p.m. I woke to strong rising winds and poked my head out the hatch to see a huge roll cloud bearing down on Milwuakee. There was a chance of sever wether so I was sleeping light. I popped on the VHF to see if there were warnings and sure enough there were. It said the the storm would hit our location in about ten minutes. I gathered up Wife, daughter and cat and we sat in the marina restooms for our dock section.

I thought this was prudent as I have been in storms like this where they suddenly develop tornados or extremely high damaging winds 100 plus mph...I figure if a storm has the possibility to develop the strength to tear out deck cleats of break dock lines I''m not staying on the boat in a slip. On the water or a mooring is a completly different matter.

The storm slipped just to the south of us and we experienced 40-60 mile per hour gusts with heavy rain and lightning for about twenty minutes. And we were back aboard sleeping in a few minutes...
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