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This last few weeks has been bizzare!

The St. Lucian pirate ship which was featured in several Hollywood movies including the popular 'Pirates of the Caribbean' has sank.
Saint Lucia News Online (SNO) can confirm that the Brig Unicorn Pirate Ship sank off the coast of St. Vincent and the Grenadines on Friday morning.
According to reports, the vessel was heading to St. Vincent from St. Lucia for repairs when it encountered difficulties and sank. No one was injured.
The exact number of persons aboard the vessel is not yet confirmed but SNO understands that there may have been nine crew members and the captain. They were reportedly rescued by the St. Vincent Coast Guard shortly after the incident.
The Brig Unicorn was used in the filming of all three Pirates of the Caribbean Movies as well as in the series Roots.
For some time, the 148-feet long vessel had been docked on the Rodney Bay Marina and was used there as a mini bar and restaurant.
The Unicorn was built in Finland in 1948. The softwood schooner "had made St. Lucia proud" according to the words of Captain Sam Alleyne sometime after it was featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean film starring Johnny Depp.
Famous pirate ship sinks off St. Vincent coast | St. Lucia News Online


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