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Well it appears a report based on actual testing, (true engineering input, not copied text from a builder) has yielded a real cause. This cannot be disputed by a home/shed/shack or general home architect, using a wet finger in the air. It cannot be disputed using a ruler held against a computer monitor. It was done by a sailbot designer/engineer who referenced must content to come to a reasonable conclusion.

I would like to make a final remark about the NONSENSE regarding damage sustained when being towed off a sandbar. Boats should be designed to withstand such impacts, Cythia Woods and the other donated boat were NOT built to the most minumum of standards. I have said this from the beginning. Yes I am a hot head, yes I am willing to stand toe to toe and stand my ground when I feel I am correct. I grew up on an island, had more time and experience on the water at an early age than most here combined. That said, I do believe with all my heart CFY, USCG, KIKO, Jeff should take a deep breath and keep quiet. You have been heard and are WRONG!

The link:
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