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tanks in older boats

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Is there a practical way of determining the condition, regarding likelihood of developing leaks, of fuel/water tanks in older(20-30yrs) boats during survey? Or is it just a matter of 'you pay your money and take your chances'? I've heard of enough instances of tanks built beneath the sole being heinously expensive to repair/replace that it's got me concerned, since this is the age range of boat that I'm shopping for.
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Just plan on replacing it on any boat you my buy. Simple; old = replace. not a matter of if but when. The tank on my boat went when we were planning a trip to the bay last year. only took 2 days to remove the the old out and new in. Any metal tank will have sludge in the bottom unless you get really lucky and find a boat that someone already replaced the tank in. If your buying old boat it's kind of silly to not think your tank/s will leak eventually. (imho)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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