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We have owned hull 95 [1987] for the last 3+ years. We have been very pleased with our choice. Ours is the keel/centerboard version which might suit for the kind of sailing you have in mind. It drafts 3 foot 4 inch with the board up 6 foot board down. The keel/cb versions displacement is 8350lbs with 4200 lbs ballast .The fin version is 400 lbs lighter. I don't know how many of the 97 hulls are fin versus k/cb. Some of the differences between the 3000 and the 30 are diesel [3000]versus gas engine and the 3000 has aluminium toe rails. Negatives of the 3000 would be lack of interior storage [compared to some other 30 footers] Also check headroom [listed at 6 foot] I'm 5' 10" and in some areas of cabin it"s snug. For us the great sailing characteristics make up for these trade off's. let me know if I can be of further help.
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