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Tartan 3000, is the Hull cored? And .. how is she for Cruising

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:) Hello.. probably posted in the wrong spot.. again::

Is the hull of the Tartan 3000, 30' cruising boat cored?
And if you know? How are they bluewater sailing..

Seems a bit light.. only 8000 displ.


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Tartan 3000 is featured in this month's issue of "Good Old Boat".
Definitely not a bluewater boat. Too light and not designed for LD cruising.
Solid glass below waterline, balsa cored above. Deck cored. Got this information from Tartan factory when I was looking at a T3000.
The balsa core in the Tartan 3000 is above the waterline in the bow section.It is forward of the head bulkhead in the v berth. The bow sections are flat sided and it helps to prevent "oil canning". I replaced the hull liner fabric on our 3000 and didn't see evidence of coring anywhere else in the hull.The deck is cored.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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