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We've been playing with Latitudes at work (since I both work for a cell phone company and am in the Security organization, so we fully expect to be asked for an official internal opinion any time).

I fully expect to make maximum use of it once sailing season starts.

To get it to work with your cell phone, install (or upgrade to) the newest version of Google Maps on your cell phone. If you can run that, it has Latitudes built into the latest version. You'll need either real or triangulated GPS to make it update your position automagically, however.

I've found Google Maps w/ GPS on a smart phone to be one of the more useful hi-tech tools out there for things like getting in and out of unfamiliar harbors--and as someone who doesn't care to pay for a chartplotter, it's a bargain to boot.

I love having my position plotted over a recent satellite photo (No it's not an alternative to having and using a brain, but it does augment quite nicely). It's also pretty handy for finding and then getting walking directions from the dock to the nearest restaurant or bar :) .
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