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I have a 76 morgan with a solar pannel and air x wind generator. There is a solar selector charge controler which prevents over charge of batteries. I dont have a battery charger. This system has serviced me will for 8 years even with running a refrigerator.
When i leave the boat(with everything off) i come back to batteries charged at 13.40v. Over the past few days with thing running i noticed the battery level is at 12.15- 12. 40 at best and thats even on a sunny day. this is much weaker than usual. I shut everything off on a sunny day and with wind generator on i still cant get batteries over 12.40v. Battery water is good. Battery test is good. Batteries are only 2 years old and i have spoken with a boat electrician (a friend) who told me what to test and i feel batteries are good.
Next step is to test the charge controler. it is a sun selector m-8. Led lights on it reads as follows: Ready- always lit
analyzing - always lit
charging - every 5 seconds or so the box clicks it lights for a second then clicks and goes off
finishing - flickers on and off quickly

The instructions for the solar selector charge controler indicate (with these readings) that the batteries are fully charged. when it clicks it is testing if batts need a charge and clicks off when it reads voltage is good.
I think that even though the charge controler is working maybe it is getting weak or not working to full capacity.
These are my questions
1- how do you test a solar selector charge convertor to see if it is working properly
2- how do you test a solar pannel to see if it is working properly
3 how do you test a wind generator to see if it is working properly
4 if needed where do i purchase a solar selector m-8 charge convertor.
Any info is helpful or if you have a contact (web site or company) that is familar with these systems please let me know . i need to remedy this quickly to go on my well needed vacation in a few weeks.
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