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...that Green Stuff...?

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Whats Causing "her" Bronze Thru-hulls To Turn Green W/ Oxidation....?.....some More Than Others...?...all Bonding Wire Appears Correct...:confused:....NEXT....ANY TRICKS TO REMOVING OLD HOSE FROM THOSE GREEN THRU-HULLS,..EASEIER....?
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don't worry about the green stuff, worry about what is under it. scrape it off and see if the bronze under is pink or salmon colored. If so, you have de-zincification, which is bad. time to replace.

Removing hoses is very difficult. You can try heat with a heat gun or hair dryer. I usually cut them off and put in new hose. Why do you want to remove the hose? A flat bladed screw driver can be worked in under the hose. but that can damage the hose and possibly damage the hose barb.
I hate hoses! I love working on my boat!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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