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The cruising dream is *THIS*

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Wind dropped overnight so we could head for a bay in the tippy top of Carriacou, Grenada. Totally isolated it's an 800 meter walk-in through a national park. Anchorage only fits in a few boats.
We arrive and drop the Pick dead centre of the perfect bay.
Marred by a shack restaurant. Shortly after, an open boat with 3 locals comes in, glides past telling us about the restaurant. I'm not impressed as my dream cruiser spot is commercialised.
But no customers all day so I snorkel to the beach and make a dinner reservation.
The photos tell the story of our night. The night we dream about before we buy the boat, give up our jobs, sell the house... The Cruising Dream.





Only customers.
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We've known Tim for quite a few years and I believe him to be the best local cook I've known in the Eastern Caribbean. We began our friendship in Chatham Bay, Union Island when he invited us to dinner on him. Over the years he's had a few places but I believe he has finally gotten his act together in that place and is doing well.
I don't know anybody in the islands who hasn't suffered greatly from the economic devastation Covid has wrought. But, until very recently, the government of Grenada had done a marvelous job of keeping their citizens safe. Sadly, #4 is tearing through the population there now and there is absolutely nothing the government can do, as most of the population won't get vaccinated. The main reason I've heard is that it is because there is a chip from Bill Gates in it so the government can track the population.
A whopping population of 109,000 people shouldn't need those measures to keep track of it's people, right?
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