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The cruising dream is *THIS*

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Wind dropped overnight so we could head for a bay in the tippy top of Carriacou, Grenada. Totally isolated it's an 800 meter walk-in through a national park. Anchorage only fits in a few boats.
We arrive and drop the Pick dead centre of the perfect bay.
Marred by a shack restaurant. Shortly after, an open boat with 3 locals comes in, glides past telling us about the restaurant. I'm not impressed as my dream cruiser spot is commercialised.
But no customers all day so I snorkel to the beach and make a dinner reservation.
The photos tell the story of our night. The night we dream about before we buy the boat, give up our jobs, sell the house... The Cruising Dream.





Only customers.
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You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

It’s so frustrating to think so many people globally refuse the vaccine. More than enough to allow variants to thrive. I wouldn’t hold anyone down and force the shot, but I would deny access to all social congregations: restaurants, airplanes, gyms, theaters, schools. How about hospitals, if were eligible for the vaccine and it was available to you? I’m not sure I mean the last one, but it’s tempting.
My wife is a RN and normally either preps healthy people for outpatient surgery or recovers them in post anesthesia after the surgery, but lately they’ve been short of nurses in the hospitals ICU so she’s worked some shifts there. She said all of the covid ICU patients are unvaccinated but almost all inquire about getting vaccinated as they’re being admitted. Of course by then it’s too late.
Beautiful pix Mark, but after seeing them and reading what your girlfriend told you just before the end of your 37 day Atlantic crossing, I think you should consider the possibility that you might have died and through some celestial miscalculation, gone straight to heaven! 😉
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