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Yes, Ocean Navigator is a good magazine, and this article is actually one that has been printed in other magazines previously. This paragraph makes the same point I generally do-that either person in the couple should be able to single-hand the boat completely, in even storm conditions.

The majority of voyagers have two on board, a man and a woman. How many have put learning all aspects of sailing and running the boat on the "must do" list? We learn to sail and we get out there, but is that enough? We must be honest. Is there a plan if a tragic event happens? Many voyagers dream of an extensive voyage, a life of cruising, freedom, the vast oceans, enchanting lands, adventure and independence. These are all powerful lures to the voyaging life, but you should remember that you are potentially on your own out there!

It is a huge hurdle to have the patience to teach, learn, and practice, but the value is in confidence. I couldn't go to sea without knowing both my partner and I could both run the boat alone. Long haul or short. Fortunately, for our situation, we've both been solo sailors.
Most couples are effectively single-handing the same boat at different times for various reasons.
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