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Yes, Ocean Navigator is a good magazine, and this article is actually one that has been printed in other magazines previously. This paragraph makes the same point I generally do-that either person in the couple should be able to single-hand the boat completely, in even storm conditions.

Most couples are effectively single-handing the same boat at different times for various reasons.
This is why we're planning a circ in a 41 footer instead of a 45 or 50. My wife is five feet tall, and while strong and younger than most, the mechanical aspects of sail handling in 30 knots are beyond her abilities on a bigger boat. Everything aboard is sized to what she can handle solo, not me (twice her size and then some). This is done in full acknowledgement that not only will we essentially hand off to each other on passage, but that illness or injury could mean that there is no other option than solo passagemaking for some time. She has to be as good as I am at working the ship, so to speak.

So far, so good!

We naturally fall into specialities: she's the ship's doctor by default (being a biologist and a sort of vet!) and I'm more mechanically inclined, but we try to duplicate the basics. A large part of this is indeed attitudinal, and a large part of that is prudence and caution. We are pretty well on the same page on that score, probably because we take our seven year old boy sailing a lot.
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