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Hi Jeremy;
I've been in your situation - not sure how long you're going to have the boat, and not sure exactly what you're going to do with it...(race, cruise, day-sail, or some combination)

A lot depends on what you want to achieve, and how much you're willing to spend to do it.

A loft like North, Quantum, or Doyle will charge premium dollars, and provide you with a premium sail, dialed in for whatever your focus point is. That's likely the $6K option.

Places like Precision Sails (there are entire threads devoted to this loft, BTW - look around for them), and other on-line lofts will provide a decent sail, cut for all-purpose use, of moderate material, for a good price. $3000 option.

you hear horror stories from both types of loft - and it seems hit-and-miss for both whether they stand by their mistakes.

You need to decide what you're most comfortable with, and then give as much info as you can to the chosen loft, and trust them to choose the right material and cut.

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