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I hope you will enjoy the first two books in the Quest series: Quest and Crew and Quest on the Thorny Path. Both are available on the Amazon bookstore in ebook or paperback format.

Quest and Crew is the first book in the series. It begins with my wife Wendy and I becoming captivated by the dream of sailing the warm, blue waters of the Caribbean. We buy Quest, a Bayfield 36 cutter rig, and I spend two years completely overhauling her. Our cruise begins in North Florida. The first book ends in Georgetown, Bahamas. I am sure that you will find Quest and Crew a humorous and inspiring account of transforming a rookie crew into a well seasoned team prepared to meet the dangers of the open ocean.

Quest on the Thorny Path is the second volume in the Quest series. Come along as we leave Georgetown, Bahamas and hit the big waves for the first time. Quest on the Thorny Path is a sailing adventure story about overcoming fear and learning to take on life's challenges in one of the world's harshest proving grounds.

For photographs and satellite maps for both books, visit The Quest Series by David Beaupre, a true sailing adventure

Best regards and fair winds,
David Beaupre


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