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My friend and I are looking to co-own a 35-37'' boat to sail Long Island Sound and do coastal cruising. I have been on the boats for 8 years, racing 30 & 33 footers, and sailing with friends. But this would be the first boat I own.

My main requirement is aft cabin. I have a number of couple friends who would love to cruise. Having 2 cabins will make my wife and the other wife happy.

Looking at boats over time I believe that Beneteau 362 offers the best compromise in price/quality category. (I don''t think I can afford to be a purist) I do not intend to stress the boat seriously or take it too far offshore. Between the two of us the boat would be used at least 3-4 days every week during the season but not in heavy conditions as a rule.

Year - I am looking in the 90''s to new. A clean and well maintained boat would certainly do. I heard that Beneteau 36 has fixed some of the shortcomings of the 35. 36 has been out only for 3 years, so used market is relatively small.

Price - I know the price of the new boat and it is quite doable but again I am looking for the right boat for the right price.

Number of my friends have chartered from Moorings and had good things to say about these boats.

Myself, I like the interior layout of the Oceanis boats. I intend to enjoy leasure sailing and company. There will always be club races with friends on their boats.

Q1: Are there any obvious flaws in my thinking?

Q2: What other boats fit the quality/price model (Hunter is not a consideration)

Q3: when buying a new boat, is it really a good deal to get it at the boat show? Seems that once they offer a deal at the show, they will always give it to you.

Thanks you in advance to all.
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