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A finder’s fee of US$ 3,000.00 will be paid to the first person that supplies me with information that leads me to the catamaran formerly known as Catatumbo. My intentions are to find her, make the purchase and restore her to surf the oceans.

On the deck of a catamaran journeying across the Pacific, the idea of the Catatumbo was conceived and sketched, purely based on the builder's sailing experience with great designers such as the late Lock Crowther of Australia.

She was to be strong, but fast, with recipe of cold molded veneer, West System epoxy, with cutter rig for simplicity and ample sail area. So she turned out, - 71 ft overall, 40 ft beam, 70 ft waterline, tulip forms in the bows to minimize drag, large quadrant boards for efficient upwind voyage and down wind sail area 4225 sq. ft. Minimal fixed keels for safe beaching designed to distribute the weight to the main crossbeam structure while beaching, finished in 1992, near a beach in Venezuela.

She sailed like a witch even with 75 persons on board. Day charter which she did well, 6 days per week, for 10 years, hailing from Margarita Island, Venezuela. Then she was offered for sale. I sailed on her in 2002, studied her, fell in love and submitted my bid. Somebody else bought her.

The former owner informed she was sailed to Trinidad in February 2003 and sold from there near the end of same year. A French national living in Cuba was said to be the buyer. Neither the authorities in Trinidad nor in Cuba respond to my questions about arrival and departure data, importation etc., therefore this request for help in my search.

Maybe the cat is still doing the trade as a day charter or as a dive boat in the Caribbean; she had space for accommodation of at least 10 persons. Maybe she is laid up, due to lack of maintenance. Some of her features are particular and distinguish her from other cats. Please see the images.

The reward will be paid in any way that will suit the lucky receiver, by bank check, telegraphic transfer, Pay Pal or other; you name it, as long as it is a legal way of transferring funds.

A website is up, which I cannot direct to being new on the forum. A Google search with the words; reward catatumbo catamaran
will direct.

If you have relevant information, please get in touch by email. Thank you.


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