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I have managed to securely locate three identical group 27 batteries in our I-28. That gives us 345 [email protected] which has been all we need with a comfortable margin. At the same time I have made access to the aft end of the engine difficult. I am considering replacing one of the group 27 batteries with a group 26 that will fit under the floorboards in the bilge. That would give me the access to the engine space I need in the lazarette. The group 26 would have 525 CCA and would be dedicated as the A-4s starting battery.

What are the consequences of this change I need to anticipate?

Similar to Faster's suggestion, I would connect all three identical batteries in parallel to have a large house bank. Remember to have the + and - at opposite ends of the bank. This large bank would be Bank 1.

I would add the group 26 as a dedicated start battery as Bank 2. I would connect it to the house bank by either a Xantrex Echo Charge or a Blue Sea Systems ACR. I would use an "OFF, 1, 1+2, 2" switch (assume that you already have this) to allow you to select either bank in an emergency, but run normally on Bank 1 for all your needs.

You will need to carefully figure out the wire lengths, crimp heavy lugs onto the ends, and I would connect to the "OFF, 1, 1+2, 2" switch through no less than AWG 2. I also suggest a >175AMP MRBF on the + connector of each bank.
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