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I do own a sailboat, a 1975 Capital Yachts Newport 28 with a Universal Atomic 4 engine. I bought her back in April of 2007, and I love her dearly. However, while I was shopping around for a boat, I ran across this little 1968 beauty that I could have had, trailer and all, for about $2500:

It was such a pretty little thing, bright red fiberglass in perfect condition, red leather seats, and pushed around by an old 40hp outboard. The windscreen was wrap-around Plexiglass, and not some ordinary boxy fold-down windshield.

I let her slide, and oh, how I regret it now. I could have kept her in my backyard under a tarp, and it would be like having a four-person Ski-doo, only CLASSIC.

I love sailing, but I love boats even more. And this seemed like a perfect little runabout -- why, oh why did I let her slip through my fingers?

Sorry about the stinkpot rant, but I ran across these pictures on my hard drive the other day and I got to remembering how nice that little girl was.

I hope someone gave her a good home.
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