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· Daniel - Norsea 27
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I just thought I'd share a product that I'm satisfied with.

I'm working on a refit of my Nor'sea 27. I recently got new chainplates and wanted to do something with the bolts. It was recommended to me to use Collinite Metal Wax 850.

This stuff works out nicely. Here's a video showing how it worked on the bolts.

But today, I decided to clean up the ship's bell that was on the boat when I bought it. I used brasso before and it helped out a lot. I decided to try it again today and while it did help, not so much. Plus, brasso stinks quite awful.

This is how it looked with just brasso. It's not out of focus, it really was that hazy.

I remembered I had the metal wax and decided to give that a try. It worked so well on the bolts. Well, after 15-20 minutes of cleaning it up by hand. This is what turned out.

I'm really happy with this metal wax. Using it on this bell is the second time I've used it and quite happy with the results each time. Just thought I'd share the results with others. If you have metal items you would want to polish up, I would recommend this Metal Wax. Plus, this stuff doesn't stink like brasso. It has almost no odor. ;)
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