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I've been thinking for along time about becoming a sailing instructor combined with some day charters, using my personal boat as the platform . If anyone does this or knows someone who does I would be interested in your experience. I work Fri, Sat, Sun every week so I have a lot of free time during the week. I would be doing this mostly as a hobby, although I would charge a small fee.

As far as certs I have my OUPV and am current with CPR. I havn't talked to my insurance company yet though. Its always been an idea that I've never really moved forwad with. I'm talking small, like one day a week, or maybe a two day course. I would like for more people to have access to sailing. A co-worker of mine just paid for lessons and the price was outrageous something around $1,200 for a two week course. I havn't spoken to her and I don't how comprehensive it was. I was thinking of something just to introduce people to sailing and boating.
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