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Same connector

I picked up the same connector ( - 29.95) I was looking how to seal it this weekend also. I am leaning towards 4200, both as a sealant in the deck hole and some on both sides of the gasket. Additionally, putting some on to each screw. 4200 would also serve as an adhesive to help the screws hold everything in place.

In the deck hole, I would smear it around the inside of the hole, allow to dry for a day or so, to seal the core material. After the connector is mounted on top, I can still access the hole through the cabin. I may fill the bottom of the hole with silicone with the wires running through it. I can then tape it closed until the silicone fully cures.

I know there are more complex ways of doing this but you have to balance what will effectively work vs how much time and trouble you want to invest.

I look forward to other thoughts.

Hi everyone,

I have an Aqual Signal Waterproof Plug Connector that I plan to use for the mast light connections.

The problem is that the screws to mount it are really tiny, 4 of them, surrounding a larger hole that the wires pass through. There's a rubber gasket on the bottom of the plug that gets pressed against the deck to keep water out.

How do I go about sealing this so water doesn't intrude into the core? The big wire holes, I can route out the core between the skins around the hole and fill with thickened epoxy. I'll chamfer the edge of the hole as well, although it seems pointless since the plug won't be putting any pressure around the hole to squeeze any sealant into the chamfered area.

The 4 tiny screws are a bigger problem, do I drill out & fill with epoxy, and then drill small pilot holes halfway thru, chamfer & just screw into the epoxy itself?

Finally what's a good sealant for this? Presumably the sealant goes between rubber gasket & tiny screws. Would I load up the hole the wires go through with sealant as well?

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