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Through Hull

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Hey Everyone,

I have a cockpit drain lines that run down to through hull fittings. If I did not follow the 'what can go wrong, will go wrong' mentality, I would always leave the cockpit drain line through hull valves open, to allow rain water drainage from the cockpit.

I am just concerned about leaving a through hull in the open position while I am away from the boat.

I have a bilge pump hooked up through a float switch, but the breaker switch needs to be turned on in order for it to work.

My question is: Do other members leave their through hull valves in the open position?

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Cockpit drain through hulls should be left open for obvious reasons. All sorts of problems can crop up if you allow your cockpit to fill with rainwater....

Your bilge pump should be direct wired to a battery and function whether or not your batteries are "switched on".
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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