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I had the same questions and concerns about 2 years ago before my first launch. I ended up going with a flat 4 trailer connector. You can buy these at any auto parts store. You should get a set with a male and female connector with a short length of wire on them. Also buy a small tube of silicone sealant such as permatex ultra black. Blue or clear are unacceptable. One end of the connector is a no brainer, just splice it to the wires on the mast. The other end was my big concern. I drilled a small hole in the cabin top and fed most of the wires through first. Then I shot silicone sealer into the hole with the wires making sure to get sealant all around each wire and in between the wires. I let the sealant set up overnight. Then simply splice your wires together inside.

I did this and haven't had any leaks or other problems for the last 2 years.
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