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What are your tricks for keeping a tidy cockpit underway? Mine always turns into a rats nest of lines. It's not helped by the fact that all of the running rigging from the mast (both halyards, main sheet, vang, mast-furler lines, etc.) back to the port side of the cabin-top. I've got some bungee line ties installed there, but they can't possibly handle all the lines at once.

We're lake sailors, which means we tack a lot--so it's not really feasible to coil running lines. By the time you get the coiled, it's time to uncoil them.

I'm thinking of installing some line bags. How well do those work for people? Are there other tricks that work better? I had an instructor once suggest dropping tails down the companionway, and another say that this is dangerous for people using the companionway.

In the long run, I plan to move some of the lines to the starboard side, but that means a new winch, organizer, and some clutches. And I do sort of like having the starboard side clear of lines as it's an easy path to the foredeck.
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