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I had the ST1000+, the smallest Raymarine TP..
Hitting both buttons on the same side (they are gray and red on the newer models)... allows for tack.... and yes you can set the tack degrees. defaults to 100.

The tiller pilot pops on a pin, and back on in a flash. If you don't want the TP to steer the tack, you pop it off, tack and put it back on.

It keeps a pretty good course though... the bungee is no comparison. yes if you get huge varying sea states it cannot easily keep up, but how fast it reacts can also be adjusted.

They use a surprising little amount of power. They are indispensable for single handers, especially motoring back, and buttoning up the boat. With a proper set of electronics it'll steer nicely to the wind as well, or integrated with a chart plotter to a course.

Maybe this will help... I was solo sailing in 8-12 knot winds... with the tiller pilot on, running upwind with the 155 up, and full main on my Capri 25. You can watch the horizon as I sit on the low side, you'll see the TP correct for 2 different puffs while I don't move while on the rail.

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