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Been spending some time. investigating TP units an. have a few questions that haven't been addressed; at least to my uninformed satisfaction

What you do with the unit when you go opposite tack? does it get in the way, need to be disconnected and hooked up again oncethe turn's been made? WTF do you do with it meantime? Let it hang? Swing it outta the way? Must it be re-set/adjusted for each point o. sail? Seeing someof the myriad posts on the innawebs, it seems that good sail trim is necessary. It's a rare occasion when get trim *just right* :D What about going out,coming back in or. tight maneuvers? Is a TP al. that better at holding a short course than acouple of bungees or a tiller clutch/lock for short-handinglines/sails?
Just wonderingif a TP is any less fiddly than the self-steer set-ups using lines and bungees; especially for shortish runs about the N Bay? Last thing I need is something elseto d%#k with and/or break down; let alone the cost.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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