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for inshore stuff and in the bay or bay or estuary or enclosed water and even outside nothing beats a tp and a remote...really

anything longer distance where you set and forget a windvane is always less of a hassle really

we used to tack our boat on long cruised using the plus 10 degree feature in steps, plus 20 plus 20 plus 20 or so and reset

if you go crazy with that button you can severely damage the piston rod on some older pilots and new alike...its just too much

we found that a tiller pilot on the poop deck is about as out of the way as you can get

we cruised on one for over 10k miles and many many hours piloting on a well balanced full keel only was a nuissance when bad weather or on a broad reach and or in choppy slow moving powersailing

just get any model really 1 size above your normal displacement and youll be more than ok

I also loved that a tiller pilot does great when motoring back in a long harbor entrance or port where being on deck and getting a good sight of the scene is better up higher...just motor in and disconnect right before turning into where you need to go dockwise or anchorage wise
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