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we are a two men crew on a 35ft hallberg rassy and planning on sailing from Toulon to Greece beginning of september. Our first stop of course will be Corse and then Sardinia. Since we don´t have sailing experience in the area (western mediterranean sea) we appreciate all tips from people who know the area well.
Here are 3 concrete questions for our first stretch from Toulon to Corse:
1. which harbour do you recommend to navigate to on the west coast of Corse (inexpensive, pretty, safe, good for ongoing journey)
2. can you give us a hint how far away from the main ferry lines you should navigate in order to minimize encounters :) (recommendable route)
3. since we roughly plan 24 hrs for the stretch Toulon - Corse, what do you recommend as a start time early morning or night ?
Thanx in advance for your help :)
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