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To stop pitching, no not horseshoes.

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It has been suggested on other sites that if a 40 odd foot boat is pitching in an anchorage, this might be reduced by hanging a bag of rocks off the stern and possibly the bow also.
Just off the top of my head, I would guess that this bag would need to weigh a thousand pounds or more to have much effect, if any.
Can one of you really, really smart engineering types on here chime in with a bit of fact based information on this, please. Thank you.
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I once saw an about 20ft home built trailer sailor with a horizontal wing on the bottom of the rudder, the wing was maybe two square feet in area. I asked the fellow loading that boat what that wing thing on the rudder was for. He told me that it was to stop the boat from pitching so badly when he went out past the break water. I asked him if it worked and he told me that it helped some as he went back to lashing down his mast.

So, one thing you might try is putting a horizontal wing on the bottom of your rudder. Will it work? Shucks! I don't know, maybe so!

Have FUN!
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