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Today is a big Day in Sailing

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Don't Know how well many of you know this but today is the start of the Clipper round the world Yacht race
they start from Hull in the UK then on to La Rochelle in France Then Buenos Aires then Capetown then Perth then Quin dao then cape Breton then Los Angeles Jamaica and back to the UK so 1400 BST raise a glass for good winds and fair sailing!!!
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And another thing

We as crew on this mad cap scheme are mostly complete novices and now full armed with three weeks total sailing experience plan to take on the world ha ahaahahahahaha

seriously tho I'm looking for advice on kit to take i'm doing the southern ocean leg from Capetown to Perth and am unsure of the weather to expect/gear to take we all have full ocean racing foulies and stuff but it's the other kit i'm unsure of we'll be crossing mid Novemberso i ecpect the weather will be as good as it gets but what is that?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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