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Easy solution for errantly behaving topping lifts:
1. apply two marks on the topping lift control line ... one mark denoting its proper length when not sailing, the other mark for when sailing. Adjust the length each time for the activity.
2. For 'sailing mode', attach a block to the topping lift and attach/run a small diameter 'bungee' cord to somewhere (middle?) on the boom. Adjust tension in the bungee so that the topping lift is pulled forward and is kept 'quiet' along the mainsails leech when sailing. Set the bungee tension so that when the boom rises such as on a broad reach the bungee will 'automatically' provide sufficient tension to keep the topping lift 'quiet'.
3. Topping lift adjustment is best controlled from near the gooseneck or base of the mast ... if its located in a 'convenient' place, you'll be more apt make the 'shift' in topping lift adjustment for 'sailing mode' or 'at the dock mode'.

Rigid vangs are best - no need for a 'friggin topping lift' !!!!!!
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