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The Torqeedo motor model 801:
West Marine: Travel 801 Electric Outboard Product Display

The Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 model: West Marine: Cruise 2.0 Electric Outboards Product Display

It would appear that the cheaper model uses a proprietary battery that is 29.6 volts. You can get a spare battery for this model at $700 per but they are rechargeable with a 110v adapter. The equivalent of a 2 HP so not really a viable contender for your boat (Pearson Triton right?).
The Cruise 2.0 model runs on 24 volts and claims to deliver 6 HP so would be a better choice for your boat but at $2700 for the motor alone is quite an expensive choice. Add in a battery bank (2 group 31s or 4 Ds are recommended), a means of recharging the bank and this will cost over $3K. For this price you could probably get a functioning Atomic 4 and maybe even all the systems it would need. It would require a bit of work on your part though.
You might even be able to find a diesel engine that could be used instead: Universal Atomic 4cyl Diesel Marine Engine
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