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I have a US as well as an EU (Italian) passport. Since the islands are British (EU) territory I'm assuming I won't be under the same restrictions as a sole US passport holder.

Edit: Again this is only an assumption, please correct me if I'm wrong.
I was in the BVI recently and as my boat was broke I needed to overstay the 30 day limit that is the standard period they give you. As a result I now know a bit about their immigration practices.

I am a UK passport holder. This does not make a difference US or UK you will get 30 days on entry and that ONLY if you can provide them with evidence of your ability to fund your stay and you have some pre booked accomodation or a letter from a boat captain. If you want to stay longer you have to go to the immigration office and apply for an extension which can be for a maximum of 180 days.

If the boat stays longer than 30 days you have to import it and pay an import tax which I beleive is only $200 not so bad.

If you are a US citizen it will be cheaper and much easier to stay in the USVI.

There is also more inexpensive accomodation in the USVI the BVIs are geared to short term visits and extracting as much moolah as possible as quickly as possible.
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