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Tow or Not

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I moved a boat about 100 miles from the Hudson river to Shelter Is, LI NY with the owner of a newer 43' sailboat.

The trip was through Hell Gate and Plum Gut.

I strongly suggested that we do not tow the dinghy. It is an inflatable with an air floor so wasn't that hard to deflate and re-inflate two days latter.

The owner of the boat couldn't figure out how to hook up his power inflate to a battery and said that the manual pump would not inflate the floor.

We compromised and figured out how to tie it on the fore-deck. It rode there well although it made forward visibility a little harder.

The owner gave me a lot of grief, said he was just kidding but I couldn't be sure about that decision.
So we kept the dinghy on the for-deck for the first day of about 80 miles then towed it the last 20 miles.

The weather was supposed to be mild but it is the LIS which is notorious for fickleness. Do you think I was too cautious or would you have done the same?
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The 43 ft owner hired you as you have competence he doesn't. Why is he then questioning your decisions? Why do you let him?
This is, I think, the important question.

The issue of towing or not ... is not a real issue. You do not tow 100 miles because you cannot find the equipment, or doesnt k now how to operate it. Claimining the manual equipment is not up the the job - OK, why is it on board?

PS: I tow a lot because I am lazy. That is something competely different. :)
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He said it didn't matter to him as I was the paid captain and he knew I had a house and business.
Joking, maybe ...
Ooops, one of those.

Whereever, whenever, in life, there must be a mutual respect, otherwise things doesn't work out well.

This guy ... no.

Guess this is the same 43 boat ( and owner) as have been described on some other recent threads. Story seems to have many issues.

Easy to say that responsibility and roles should be sorted out prior to leaving port, but with a guy like this, such agreements are always broken.

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Too bad professional captains don't have a blacklist of ignorant, unsafe owners shared among the group.
And how do you know they haven't?

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