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Can I add my two cents?

My first sailboat was a MacGregor 26 with a small outboard engine. I had a mast raising system that made getting it up much easier. I could rig the boat in 30-40 minutes. The lakes I went to had pretty open areas where I could rig in the parking lot and then back the all ready to go sailboat down the ramp.

Once in the water I'd hold a bow and stern line and walk the boat off the trailer (reverse for back on the trailer) and tie off at the dock for a couple minutes while parking my SUV. Without the water ballast it was a pretty light weight boat. I didn't have to pull forward too far to start the ballast draining so my SUV didn't work real hard either.

I liked this boat quite a bit. The cabin while not huge was definately sufficent for week-ends. She was a bit tender and I reefed before most others. All in all a fun boat that I only had to spend $5K for!
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