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Trailer tongue extension

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I really think I am going to need a extension to my trailer tongue being that I am hauling and launching it with my Jeep Wrangler (short vehicle). I know the marina that I am keeping it at in a slip has pretty deep launch pads but I still think I am going to need one. The ones listed online are outrageous in pricing. This is so simple. It would just be an extension to launch and not while pulling the boat on the roads.

I was just thinking about going to the local welding company and asking them to just take a 2" square pipe about 4 feet long that would just fit in my Jeep receiver and then put a ball at the other end. The tongue weight on the 165 is light enough for me to lift it with one hand (empty anyway) so It's not that heavy.

Thoughts or anybody do this or something else cheap? I have searched online for a day for ideas but haven't found any really good ones.
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Kriss has you covered, you likely won't need the extension for the P165. You WILL be rolling down to your muffler bubbles though (likely)...

First year I had the Capri 25, I managed to launch it an retrieve it with no extension, trailer still attached to the bumper. There was however water lapping at the back doors of the truck.

I've done this stuff before... I strap launched my Capri 25.

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Slight thread hijack.. by me... but funniest boat ramp event ever for me was while I was a kid, we were watching the local Lake Hickory boat ramp.

Guy with Jeep Wrangler shows up pulling a 20 foot tournament series Bass Boat (you know the type, with a V6 motor bigger than the Jeep, some 300 HP). He backs the boat down immediately upon arrival... straight down the ramp, stops on the ramp realizes he has to release the straps... Must have left it running and used his park brake. He didn't get a step out of the Jeep, and the boat dragged the Jeep down the ramp... like a comedy act. When the Jeeps rears hit the water it moved like it was on ice... all the way down and into the water until all you could see was the Jeeps CB antenna. Boat still attached to the trailer, and floating. Was entertainment that kept on giving.. between them swimming to get to the boat, to then try to unstrap it... then motor it back to the dock, then the next hour was watching these geniuses trying to get the Jeep out. They DID get it out, not sure if he was ever able to start it... I gave up after watching for about 4 hours.
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You know this is way overkill for a p165, but I liked the setup that Triad created for larger trailerables to allow you to "float off." It involved a set of landing gear dolly wheels, and a welded, but vertically rotating square tube receiver mount on the trailer. The 24' extension sits locked on the trailer when not launching but clips in place to add about 10-15' of tongue when you launch. Maybe you can get ideas from their setup, I dunno. Since your P165 doesn't have dual axles not sure how much of this you can do, or maybe you can... the question would be how "tongue heavy" the boat is on the trailer. This again ONLY if you really require it (my bet is you won't). Below is one of Triads pictures of a Catalina 28 on one of their heavy duty trailers, with the float off package. Yeah it's extreme, I removed their logo, and number so this doesn't become an advertisement (I do think most reputable trailer manufacturers could replicate this)... But I thought it was valuable for ideas on how to best setup yours. You can see in my prior picture I bought square channel, bolted it to the frame of the trailer, and used 2 heavy duty pneumatic casters, 8" for my "dolly" for launching my keelboat. I'm just throwing out ideas here.

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You can launch boats that way, but you can't retrieve them. ;)
Actually I think I lied, I do believe that picture was from haul out... :) Given the fall foliage, I'd bet it was haul out, not launch.
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