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Trailer tongue extension

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I really think I am going to need a extension to my trailer tongue being that I am hauling and launching it with my Jeep Wrangler (short vehicle). I know the marina that I am keeping it at in a slip has pretty deep launch pads but I still think I am going to need one. The ones listed online are outrageous in pricing. This is so simple. It would just be an extension to launch and not while pulling the boat on the roads.

I was just thinking about going to the local welding company and asking them to just take a 2" square pipe about 4 feet long that would just fit in my Jeep receiver and then put a ball at the other end. The tongue weight on the 165 is light enough for me to lift it with one hand (empty anyway) so It's not that heavy.

Thoughts or anybody do this or something else cheap? I have searched online for a day for ideas but haven't found any really good ones.
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A lot of ramps are quite steep and you will likely not need an extension, even with a short vehicle. I get in the water deep enough so that my tail pipe is above water. The extensions rust and can be a PITA to deploy. And if you keep them extended all the time while on the road they can be hazardous, leading to twisting of the frame. I would check first on the launch site to see if I really need it.
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I've done this stuff before... I strap launched my Capri 25.
You can launch boats that way, but you can't retrieve them. ;)
Actually I think I lied, I do believe that picture was from haul out... :) Given the fall foliage, I'd bet it was haul out, not launch.
Hat's off to you, dude. :)
Good trailer for these larger boats is very valuable. Like yours, with 2 axles, front wheel, and nice support for the boat that helps you find the spot where the boat has to sit. And it helps to have a long, smooth ramp with a steep grade. I have experienced a lot of close calls with my 20 foot Merit and a single axle trailer on various sketchy ramps over the years. One of these days I'm going to get me a proper boat that needs no trailer. :cool:
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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