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As I am not that familiar with the Santana 21, I will give you some guidelines.

First, what NOT to do:

Do not get a rope type ladder as the steps will swing under the boat or jamb your toes between the steps and the boat as you climb. These are ladders with rungs or treads connected by rope (even if rope is covered by plastic tube).

Now that out of the way; some questions:

Are you thinking of removable or permanently mounting the ladder. Either good, has pros and cons. Removable has to be stored when not used. Do you have a convenient storage place? Mounted can get in the way of other equipment or docking (if side mounted). If mounting on the transom, is transom vertical or does it slope? Vertical transoms are easy, buy a ladder that can swing up and tied out of the water. It needs to have feet to stand off the hull. Sloped transoms might need to have ladders specially made or maybe a short ladder at waterline that swings up and a step or 2 mounted on hull above the ladder.

If mounting on the side, it's convenient to have mounting plates installed on both sides with a removable ladder that can be attached on either side to provide more options for rafting, etc. Some ladders that fold are for permanent attachment to the side. If mounting permanently, it might get in way of docking.

What ever ladder you get, start by measuring from deck to water line. You want 2 steps to be in the water when deployed.

Lots of places to buy from West Marine to eBay.


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